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Bonesteel is

Jake Bonesteel- Vocals
Alex Cain - Guitar
Andres G Vega - Drums


Hailing from Los Angeles California, Bonesteel sets out to deliver an inspirational and heartfelt blend of alternative metal, not only focusing on the appeal of their sound, but also on the power of their message.  

Pulling lyrical themes from the world surrounding us and fusing them with their tribal bombastic music Bonesteel intend to bring with attitude a driven, artistic, and unapologetic jolt to modern music.  

Featuring members from all over North America, three musicians turned friends have created a unique and eclectic sound all their own.

 Bonesteel released their self recorded and produced debut EP "Epitome Of Infamy" on March 4th 2016. Currently, they are gearing up for live shows and exploring potential partnerships for the future growth and development of their music.  Their constant work ethic and unorthodox approach to the modern music scene is what sets these young musicians apart from the pack. They are determined to make an impact in today and tomorrow's music era.