Bonesteel is

Jake Bonesteel- Vocals
Alex Cain - Guitar


Born in Hollywood, California, Bonesteel was created by Jake Bonesteel, Alex Cain, and Andres G. Vega.  These three musicians turned friends have been creating an inspirational and heartfelt blend of alternative metal music since 2015.  

Bonesteel released their self-recorded and produced debut EP "Epitome Of Infamy" on March 4th, 2016.  Inspired by turmoil turned into perseverance, we follow the journey of a dark hooded figure who has lost all hope and desires.  Throughout the record, we can see him trying to survive and find purpose once again as the evocative lyrics and accompanying beat guide the listener along.  We never quite know what happens to its character we've come to get attached to as the record ends in a cliffhanger, leaving the mystery of whether or not peace is ever found.

What makes this EP original and worth the listen is the unique and different style each member of the band applies to every song.  Jake pushes pass levels of acceptance as he depicts life from the view of extensional thought in his lyrics and follows up with a cinematic and dramatic feel of the hard-hitting sounds.  Alex brings technical precision to each note, influencing the band to have an enjoyably abrasive sound that the listener can empathize with. Andres brings every element together with hard-hitting beats in an organic and unpredictable nature that is one of a kind.

The future is holding positive prospects for Bonesteel.  They are currently adding the finishing touches to their brand new EP, planned for release in Summer 2018.  A completely contrasting and evolved sound from their previous record can be expected by fans. Their unorthodox approach to the music scene and unapologetic, driven attitude is what will land these artists to make an impact in today and tomorrows music era.

“This record has been one of the most challenging projects any of us have ever taken on and throughout the tense process we’ve learned a lot about each other and ourselves.” - Jake Bonesteel